April 13, 2015

Easy DIY Gold Vase

How gorgeous are these flowers?

I recently figured out that I am into gold. 
I swore up and down few years back that I would never EVER like it again.
But somehow it happened....Call it peer pressure or being easily influenced!

I recently gave my bedroom a little makeover and added some beautiful gold. I blogged about it HERE

So on Saturday the weather was so beautiful that I got the urge to go outside and spray paint. I had seen a vase somewhere that looked really cool with gold stripes. I grabbed a tall vase, some painters tape and Krylon gold spray I had from a previous project. I wanted to use the thinner tape but this is all I found. I think it came out great in the end

This is probably the simplest DIY that I have done....Fast and Easy

I just peeled off the tape and Voila! 

Well Hello there....

Ranunculus is one of my favorite flowers. I love the color too. 
So that's all.....I just love looking at the vase with the flowers in it. So very elegant.
Enjoy your Monday

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