April 3, 2015

Master Bedroom mini makeover

Since the bathroom renovation is completely done it's definitely time to spruce up the Master bedroom. It's been a long snowy winter and everyone has had enough of the cold. I wanted to bring a little Spring into the room for my own sanity. Now usually the bedroom is off limit for girly colors and deco but one day after school I stopped by Home Goods and as soon as I walked in these coral pillows were hollering at me. I grabbed 4 pillows that didn't match and all had the coral color in common. At the sales rack I got even happier....Giddy.... They were getting rid of the gold...Yes!
I never thought I would ever ever dig gold again but I do. It is allowed to change your mind from time to time so I saw the perfect opportunity to marry these colors.

I will show you the before's first 

This is taken after a little touch of Deco power...

Beautiful mismatched pillow collection....Home Goods $75

I found the coral lacy pillow covers for $10

Instead of Omaggio vase I choose to call this Brynmaggio Vase
also at HG for $10

Mirrors for the wall HG $ 14.99

Artificial branch...because it's cool and I am cool.... HG $18

Gold candle holders (I got 2) $9.99 each

Glass tray HG $6.99

I only paid $2 for the gold frames

I swapped out the table lights and put the other ones in the guest room

I switched out the 2 chairs that were sitting next to the dresser and pulled in this old wicker chair I had and never used

I picked up this picture above the bed HG sale item $20

The lamp I paid full price for but it came to a whipping $20 at HG
I also went to Michaels and got Gold spray 
So the whole thing came to be just less than $200 
The most expensive things were the pillows and they are usually pricey. 
I have to tell you that I thrilled with my new bedroom.
What do you think?

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  1. Love the Brynmaggio - almost better than the original ;)

  2. Love it!

    Kv. Ása

  3. Svo gaman að breyta svona, og kóralrauður er afar fallegur litur, kemur vel út!


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