April 7, 2015


Hello everyone, I hope you had a good Easter with your Family or Friends. I was fortunate enough to have all my kids with me plus our fourth "Brandon" who is our daughters boyfriend. Easter Sunday started out with a brunch at the neighbors house. We all took naps after sipping on Mimosa's and then I started preparing for dinner. I traditionally make Ham at Easter but decided to do something else. I found an Icelandic recipe for a slow cooked leg of lamb. The recipe suggested things that go with it so I decided to just go with the flow and did the whole menu that way. It came out great! Everyone was happy. As I was shopping for ingredients at Trader Joe's I found the perfect flowers and really cheap. I grabbed bunch and made 3 arrangements. One for the neighbors brunch and 2 for us. 

Here is a picture of the larger arrangement that I made. I personally love this one and I think using the soup terrine adds such a charm to it

I had some leftover flowers that I stuck in a vase and the other one in an old teacup

I made Pavlova for dessert and I have to admit that I felt so grown-up making that Meringue. It turned out good and everyone was happy

The dog was in great mood as well.... He is so happy that the snow is gone now...He just wants to be outside running around and digging. It's hard to get him to come inside and relax when there is so much going on....all the rabbits running around, squirrels and new smells I don't really blame him

He is such a delightful funny puppy...He makes me happy everyday! 

That's all folks, Enjoy your Monday

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  1. Þetta look-ar allt saman dásamlegt, og hefur örugglega bragðast enn betur!



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