June 2, 2013

Big News!

I wanted to share some exciting news with you guys but me and my husband have just invested in an apartment in Boston. The apartment is located in the Boston Navy Yard, right on the water in Charlestown. We have been working hard for few years to put aside money and now it has paid off. You see... We have this plan but we can't act on it quite yet. The plan is to move to Boston full time when my youngest graduates High School! Living in the suburbs has been really great but as the kids get older and two older ones already living and working in the city it pulls you in even harder. I think of owning this apartment the best of both worlds really... I am a country gal at heart but love the city life as well. The apartment is a 2 bedroom with 2 full baths. A good size living room and a galley kitchen with a breakfast bar. The apartment has a little den off the kitchen which would not be of use for us and we plan to knock down a wall to open up the living room a little bit and maybe put a bistro table in there. The apartment has been rented out and you can definately see that wear and tear on the carpet. We intend to get rid of the carpet and put hard wood floors throughout. But enough talk... Let's see some pictures...

The apartment has it's perks such as Concierge, Gym, Pool, and Tango Lessons every Thursday!
It's all very nice and Charlestown is beautiful. I am looking forward to new challenges and I am very nervous at the same time. This will require some work in the beginning S.A hiring a contractor, painting, picking out floor materials etc...not to mention furnishing the place!
I am taking it all in strives and closing date is June 14th. I will share with you all the steps, before and after and all the choices that will be made. Hopefully you will enjoy this as much as I do and I will probably be asking for your opinions along the way.
Thanks for reading my blog, your feedback makes it all worth it!


  1. Svo flott hjá þér :D
    Hlakka til að koma að skoða ;)
    Knús, Sjöbba

  2. Vá en æðislegt! Innilega til hamingju :)

    kk Kikka

  3. Ohhhhhh, en spennó! Til lukku og þarf ekki blogghittingur að verða þarna hið snarasta! ;)

  4. En spennandi. Innilega til hamingju. Flott íbúð. Verður næs að fá sér sundsprett eftir workoutið í gyminu næst þegar ég kem ;)

  5. Dossa... Gód hugmynd! Èg er til... Farið að leggja fyrir og ég skal ná í ykkur út á völl

  6. Innilega til hamingju, flott íbúð.
    kveðja Ása

  7. Congratulations Deco Chick, I hope to see it really soon!!!

  8. Æðisleg íbúð, en spennandi allt saman ;-)
    Til hamingju
    Kkv. Vilborg


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