May 30, 2013

Planting Flowers

It's that season! Guest time here in my house... That means less time for blogging but the show must go on so why not get the visitors to pitch in.
Here are some more pictures from my backyard, I got my sister to help me with planting and she did a great job with the window boxes in the shed.

Everything is in bloom right now. I wish I could send you the smell that's in the air

Front door flowers... all set, now I just have to wait for the Impatients to come around and bloom 

Hello there!

I am into planting the seasonal flowers in containters and using the perennials for the actual flowerbeds.
 I think the clay pots add a little charm to the beds as well. The steel container is something old that my sister found in the shed and decided to use it as a planter. I have to say that the outcome is really cute

Here is the guest of honor...ta da!
 Lil Sis after working hard in the yard....relaxing with a good book is absolutely priceless!


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