February 1, 2013

Pantry Makeover

 I decided to attack the pantry yesterday after coming home from the Supermarket. It was so crowded in there...wasted space and few things that were ready to be tossed. I started grabbing things but then I remembered the camera so one shelf was already gone....Sorry I get ahead of myself most of the times
Here are the before:

I was feeling extraordinary good about my carpenter skills and decided to add some shelves on the sides. (I ran to Target $39.99) Having found that newfound confidence in drilling into walls I tackled this project with style! 
Here are the after photos:

Everything has it's own place now (please don't judge my choice of food)
The little white cart with the wheels was my son's nightstand (IKEA) before he got the new bedroom set...works perfectly there!
I am so happy I did this...
I think it will make it easier to figure out what to cook each day. My son pointed out to me that I might want to paint inside of the pantry door with chalk paint so I could whip up grocery lists and write up a meal plan...Of course I am all over that

When I was done it got so roomy in the kitchen cabinets so I kept on going to the baking section....I printed out labels and put everything in plastic containers instead of keeping it all in bags. I like the look of it now...so clean

Now off to run errands for my son's Birthday Shin dig tonight

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