February 18, 2015


Hello there....So on with the bathroom story....
I searched high and low for tiles for our master bathroom. The more I looked the more confused I got. I wasn't able to make up my mind until I ordered the vanity. Finally I narrowed it down. I picked out the floor tiles first. I love them....

 This is what it looks like after putting it down and grouting

Photo courtesy of Lowe's

Next was to figure out what I wanted for the shower. I went on Pinterest for ideas and decided to do plain white glass tile with white grout and as an accent put some Mosaic tiles inside the shampoo shelf that my carpenter made for me. I found these really pretty white tiles and decided that the price was right. I don't have a good picture of the tile itself but this is how it will look 

The Mosaic tiles have glass, marble and natural stone in them

It will look absolutely mint once grouted with white. I just can't wait.
So I have this wall above the bathtub....kinda big and empty. When I found out that the Mosaic tiles were less than 6 bucks a piece I decided to tile the whole back wall.

Around the tub I will use the glass tiles. 
Sounding good so far. Once I narrowed down the tiles I relaxed. Hopefully the bathroom will be tiled before the end of next week. 
That's all for now....Can't wait to share with you the end results

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