February 15, 2015

Bathroom Vanity

The first thing I did after we decided to go ahead with the bathroom renovation was to figure out what cabinets I wanted. Space is a current issue for me in there so I wanted to make sure I had somewhere to place towels and tall things like hairspray and mouthwash without risking putting them into a drawer for it to leak. 

I went to Lowe's....my new favorite store. I ended up special ordering the vanity because I wanted certain measurements and I was determent to get a tall cabinet on top with glass door. 
I spent more than I was going to but the vanity is a beauty. I didn't go crazy or anything but I basically got a really nice quality cabinets in the color and glazed the way I imagined it. 
Sorry for the quality of some of the photos, few of them are from my phone.

For the mirrors I didn't want to order what was on display so I got these babies. They look like mirrors but you can open them up and there are shelves inside. 

For the problem door that I have told you about I decided on this. I found this hardware through Pinterest.  I love the typical barn doors but I needed something that would match my bedroom and overall get a better flow. I will be getting a new "heavier" door 

You can check out all their door kits right HERE

I also talked to my carpenter about building a low wall dividing the toilet from the vanity sort of like this (Pinterest)

He said he would build me one. Now I am thinking to myself...wouldn't it be cool if there was a secret door inside the wall so you can store the toilet brush and extra paper in there....Hmmm I got to mention it to him on Monday...
Anyways enjoy your day


  1. Bíð spennt eftir fleiri bloggum um baðið - gaman að fylgjast með :)
    knús, Sjöbba


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