February 13, 2015

Master Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation and Demo.....
I have been dreading doing this and so ready to do this at the same time. Few times we have almost started but then decided to wait because of the hassle of it all. This time....We decided and followed through. The bathroom needed to be gutted. We looked at all the possibilities....Should we keep the tiles, they are still good....Do we keep the bathtub? How bout just getting a new shower Mickey Mousing the whole thing? In the end we gutted it! Here are some before photos so you get a better idea what the main issues were....

Very little storage despite all these drawers. They were small and shallow and there was need for some medicine cabinets

This bathroom vanity is so low that you have to bend over to brush your teeth

It was time to part with this tacky mural...

There was absolutely no light above the shower or the tub

The door opens into the bathroom and blocks the shower making it even darker to shower in it
So the fun began....

Stay tuned for the next chapter...
Enjoy your Valentine's weekend


  1. Það verður spennandi að fylgjast með þessum framkvæmdum :) Gangi ykkur vel.
    K Sigga Rósa

  2. I never understand why doors are installed in such an impractical way - we had a similar situation in our home. I sure it will be an instant improvement when you get more light in the bathroom.


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