February 11, 2015

Charger theft protection

 I bet you've been there....your device is really low on battery and you need to charge STAT only to find out that someone stole your cord..... 
Well it's annoying. Period. How many chargers are laying around and why does everyone have to take yours and deny it? Here is my kind of theft protection. 
(as seen on pinterest)
I took my really worn out Ipad cord and crocheted around it....

I used fine cotton yard that I had on hand

I used 2 colors. The white is more for swag and it looks a little more sturdy

I have been busy crocheting since March of last year. I learned from Youtube videos. It's a fun hobby to have and a great time killer. I am constantly working on projects....several at a time ....I love learning new patterns....Below is a little sample of what I am currently working on

The blanket is not from a recipe. It's basically 2 double crochets into one slot all the way across. I just love how chunky it looks and the beautiful colors. This is wool yarn that I got at Michael's 

Look at me Mom....

This baby blanket below is from I Heart Stitching. HERE is the link to the video. It's super easy and quick. The yarn is from Bernat and so so soft.

Few dishcloths I am working on just for fun

Here is my latest pattern that I learned. It's called Slanted Shell Stitch. I came across this recipe on one of the crochet sites I follow on FB. Here is the LINK

My Girlfriend gave me this Lazy Suzy container for my Birthday. It's really cool and has a lot of spaces. I was having fun with it and used it for yarn that I carry to and from the Family room.

That's all for now....Hope I inspired someone....

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