February 20, 2015

Master Bathroom Progress

Things are moving fast in the master bath despite all the snow and cold weather. The show must go on of course. This week I picked out the lighting and the faucets. I wanted something plain but sleek and brushed nickel. 
Here is what I found at Lowe's

Moen Caldwell sink faucets
For the bathtub matching Moen Caldwell
They don't look like they match on the photo but they are the same ones. 
It's funny when you are standing there in the store in front of all the choices you have and even more selection online how confused you can get. All of a sudden these small details are a big deal.

I also went to Lowe's for lighting choices. I looked in different places and couldn't really find the chandelier that I wanted but there it was on the shelf screaming at me....take me home....

Portfolio brushed nickel chandelier $149

So for the lights above the vanity I got a set of those babies. I like them because the stretch out pretty far away from the wall and the light shines down. You can truly never have too much light in your bathroom...

Nothing crazy here....I was on a budget. I got those Portfolio 3-light Brandy Chase vanity light. The price was perfect $54.90 ea.

As of now here is the bathroom

Keep following the progress


  1. It seems that your bathroom is well on its way. Nice to see that tract laid down before us. It means that the renovation is going off to some really interesting directions, with all the newer base materials that you have considered and are set to apply to make your bathroom a more comfortable experience. Great job on that! Kudos and all the best!

    Johnny Hernandez @ Ripple Systems

  2. Wow! It seems that the renovation of your bathroom had been a total success. The materials you used all look elegant and expensive. I just hope that everything is doing well, Bryn. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing


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