February 23, 2015

It's moving along...

I don't know about you but it was rough getting up this Monday morning. I stayed up pretty late to watch the Oscars so that didn't really help the situation. 
Anyways....I went to school learned all about Contemporary flower arrangements and Ikebana which is Japanese flower arranging. Very interesting stuff. More on that later this week.
When I came home I ran upstairs to look at the bathroom. I was thrilled to see that the accent wall was all tiled and the shower well on it's way. 

So tomorrow Derek (my reno guy) is grouting the tiles and finishing up the shower. I am loving the accent wall...at first I was like WOW busy but I think everything will balance itself out....
What do you think?


  1. I love the progress!!! Its coming out awesome!!! We have the corner moldings in our bathroom too, they are my favorite part!! ...I now want to put them in a couple other rooms! The accent wall might seem busy now, but I think it will pull together and be amazing once it is all completed.. Especially with that gorgeous chandelier!! Love it all!! -Megan

  2. Þetta er að verða svo spennandi, hlakka til að sjá útkomuna, þetta baðherbergi verður gorgeous.
    Fylgist spennt með kæra Brynja
    kveðja Stina

  3. Vá hvað þetta er að verða flott hjá þér :)
    kv Sigga Rósa


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