February 28, 2015


When I say that word the song by Sia always pops into my head....
Bathroom is looking good. Lot's of improvements.
The floor tiles are in and grouted

Shower is finished. I got my shampoo shelf the way I visioned it

The shower head and faucets are in

 .....AAAAaand....the Chandelier!

The window had the trim that looked cheesy and rubbed into the tiles which I never understood from the beginning...

Oh yeah baby....we are so close....
Enjoy your Saturday with this great scene from the Jimmy Kimmel show....Him and Guillermo are hysterical!

Sia Video


  1. Loooooooove it! Adore the floor, and the window - oooooh come to mama <3

  2. vá glæsilegt, hvaðan koma þessar sjúklega flottu gólfflísar?

  3. ú, hvað mér líst vel á þetta! vel heppnuð breyting eins og þín er von og vísa!


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