October 15, 2013

Fall and Frame

Alrighty, I admit it....I had to turn the heat on yesterday. Brrrrr...
It didn't help how much it rained last week...gloomy days

On the bright side I captured these beautiful photos of the mini pumpkins outside. 
I love taking photos especially out in the nature...

Other news... Nothing exciting...Oh wait yes, I got a note from one of my blog friends from Iceland where she was telling me about this cool frame sold at TARGET

The next time when I was there I checked it out and they actually look really nice...so nice that one landed in my shopping cart. It looks like an old window, very rustic.

I wasn't sure what pictures to put in it...I was thinking more like black and white but in the end I cut pictures out of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine LINK and stuck in there

I am planning on taking it into Charlestown and using it for the bare walls in the guest room.
Thanks for the tip DOSSA


  1. Geggjaður rammi, myndirnar koma vel út!

  2. Eigum við eitthvað ræða rammann minn.....hmmmm ;)

    Bjútífúlt hjá þér, og eftir að skoða bloggið mitt á morgun, þá kannske breytiru aðeins í rammanum???


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