October 7, 2013

A little craft project

My blog friend Kikka inspired this little craft project.  I was reading her BLOG where she gives a decorative crown a make-over! 
She sprayed it white and added pearls to it

It's the cutest little thing that she personalized...I love it!
At the last visit to The Salvation Army I had picked up few books that I spray painted white and grey. I wasn't sure what I was going to to with it so I thought...hey I can add some pearls to it and ribbon. I have so many spools of ribbon and lace that I mean to do something with...I usually get them for few cents in the discount section of Michaels

When I scrapbook I never toss away the leftover paper. I will use all of it. I either use them for punches or some scrap for cards. I got all my scrap paper out, plugged in the glue gun and starting decorating those books. Here is the outcome

The little metal frame I already had so I printed out a photo from the Graphics Fairy and stuck in there. This was such a fun project

Once I was done with the books I started working on a blank canvas...ripping more notepaper, pretty pictures from magazines, Music note pamphlets and some lettering

Next were the candles....Once I start I can't stop I know!
I picked these up from Ikea and they smell so nice. I simply ripped out a picture and tied it with a bakers thread for a little oomphh

 That graphic paper is from The Graphics Fairy. I just printed it out, crimpled it and darkened the edges with a brown stamp pad

The day was rainy, the dishes were made, dinner cooking in the oven and Hubby and Son were watching the game while I sat on the floor in my craft room glue-ing away...
I love those kind of days! 
 I encourage you to check out Kikka's Blog: Blundur og Blom
The page is such a feast for the eye, she is her own stylist and sure is a natural.
 Her photos will capture you!
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  1. Vá, engin smá afköst! og allt svo fallegt hjá þér....eins og venjulega! :-)


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