February 26, 2013

Do It Yourself Ideas

Raise your hand if you love Pinterest!
I have this sand project that I am currently working on. I collect sand from my travels and put it in a jar with a sticker marked where it is from - like a sand vacation timeline.
Originally I saw this on Pinterest and I loved the idea.

Grab a handful of sand and start your own personal vacation timeline! I wish we had done this in Europe. Doesn't have to be sand. Can be dirt from a park, etc....

Here are pictures of my current project
I opted for a jar with a lid on since it gets dusty pretty quick

How about you? Have you done a Pinterest DIY Project that resulted in pure joy and happiness? :-)
If so I would love to showcase it here on my blog...Just email me some photos 
bryntaglio@gmail.com and I will take care of the rest. 
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  1. Hey Deco!!! I love this. i have thought of doing this for beaches we have visited around BC. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Lis (cubana)

  2. ég rétti upp hönd sem Pinterest aðdáandi og finnst þessi hugmynd alveg frábær!

  3. hæhæ ..... frábær hugmynd !


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