February 22, 2013

Boxwood Wreath

Ok....I came across this wreath I've been searching for. Where else than Target!
Can't remember how much it was but I paid full price for it which is sort of unusual for me....the Frugal Deco Chick....Oh well I really wanted it!

I hung it on the famous pantry door...but decided to add a little deco thing-y to it...I was at Michaels and saw this frame. I am not sure what to call it really but I picked it up ($7 plus or minus) and I had no special place for it...well until I met this boxwood wreath

I love it. Simple as that. 
I went on the Michaels webpage and looked for it so it' would be easier to copy this idea
 if you desire to...It's called 

ArtMinds™ Rectangle Fleur De Leis Frame 


They come in one color and there is several patterns available. How fun!

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  1. Very creative! Maybe you should paint the frame so it lends some contrast against the door? Just a thought.


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