February 20, 2013

Cheap Finds

Do you ever stop and look around those $1 bins at Target? 
Usually it's located right as you walk into the store ...Well I do every once in a while...
I found these eggs...6 for $1...all kinds of colors. 
They had a little string attached which I just pulled out since I wasn't going to hang them on a branch

Aren't they cute? I just stuck a sheet of moss on the tray bottom
 to make it look more au naturel and of course those flower tea light holders go right along with the whole thing

Cleaning and dusting at my house usually means re-arranging so the top of the entertainment unit got a little fresh update...nothing new...just moved things around a bit and stuck some fake grass into that basket

So these are the changes in my family room...nothing major just tweaks here and there....
Mr. Elephant stands guard as per usual
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