January 28, 2013

A Full Size Bed

My youngest turns 13 this coming Friday. 
I asked him what he wanted for his Birthday and he said 
A "Full" size bed...
Mom went shopping since the boy is turning into a teen and he's always been very tall for his age, so it's only fair that he rests comfortably in his own big boy bed! 

These are the before pictures of his bedroom. 
I decided to snap photos without picking up the stuff from the floor but however I did make his bed...let's just be realistic...the kid is a slob and even though there is a no eating policy upstairs he consistently breaks that rule and stuffs the wrappers behind the bed or in those drawers underneath.... When his brother moved to college this fall he decided he would take over the basement and moved his desk down there so his bedroom is mainly for  sleeping. 
Today I need to take apart this bedroom and empty it. I am planning on shampooing the carpets and cleaning the walls (one wall is chalkboard paint- very cool)
Tomorrow is delivery day for the new bed and dresser so you have to wait until then for show and tell.... Make sure you stop by then
Monday *HUGS* 


  1. Gaman að sjá herbergið...hlakka ti að sjá eftir myndirnar :)

  2. Hlakka til að sjá breytinguna :)


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