January 30, 2013

Teenage Boy Bedroom Reveal

Hey guys...Miss me?
Pheeew what a crazy couple of days I had. I promised you the reveal of my son's bedroom yesterday but it took me forever to go through paperwork/artwork, toys, books etc. My car trunk is loaded with books ready for donation, clothes, stuffed animals and other recyclables.
It feels really good to get rid of old things and clear the clutter. I especially loved cleaning into all four corners of a room. So with that said here are some before photos:

so like I told you all he wanted was a full size bed for his Birthday...So Momma went shopping and everything needs to be match-y match-y (crazy lady) I was on a budget but I wanted to focus on getting a good mattress for a growing young spine so I opted for a memory foam.

Cleaning an empty room makes the job much easier

The furniture was delivered while the boy was at school so I started filling the drawers with his clothes and made the bed. Bedding is from Target and I decided against a bedspread because the kid doesn't make his bed ( just reality) instead I got this nice Duvet cover

I love this sign...I got it at Target. I have one similar in the boys bathroom so when they do their business they have something to read :-)

Oh yes she did...I put these up all by myself and very proud of the fact that they are all even
For his books I am thinking about buying one of these floating bookshelves that I saw on Pinterest...Just have to figure out where they are sold

 You definitely need your cuddle buddy even though you are turning 13!

A very special pillow that Amma made. We always keep it close in her memory

The Quarters Collection hangs above his bed

The chalk wall is still popular...and the hooks are there ready to be used...no throwing clothes on the floor. Let's see how long that will last!


  1. Afmælisbarnið hlýtur að hafa verið ánægt með þetta, ekkert smá fínt! Mér finnst hillurnar sérlega fallegar, er líka mjög hrifin af lampanum og skiltinu :-)

  2. Æðislega flott. Hentar ungum manni vel:-)
    Elska lampann og skiltið! !

  3. Rosalega flott. Hillurnar flottar svona dökkar en samt með mjúkum línum.
    Til hamingju með flotta breytingu.
    Kristín Sig.

  4. I got my floating bookshelf at Blick. I can grab one next time I come home!

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