September 11, 2013

Bistro/Kitchen Reveal

Once upon a time there was this apartment...

And from the other angle...

The pictures speak for themselves...2 walls down and the outcome was amazing. It got much brighter in the main living area and the long hallway got shortened

After furniture delivery...Tadah

We kept the kitchen mostly the same...New ceilings, paint and floor. We added a little cabinet on the wall as well...Here is before picture:

Here are some before and after photos which are always fun to look at:

Next I am planning on showing you the master bedroom...I am not completely done in there...Hopefully some pictures will go up this week and final decorations. The apartment still doesn't have that "home" feeling to it yet but I think that will change when we start spending time in there...
Hope you enjoyed looking at the changes


  1. líst vel á fallega nýja heimilið ykkar!

  2. Þetta er allt saman að look-a alveg beeeeejútífúlt :)


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