September 9, 2013

Guest Bedroom Reveal

For the past 2 weeks I have worked so hard at moving into the Charlestown Pad that we bought in May. I can finally say after spending the day down there with my son that we are so close to being done. There are things left to do and arrange for, but things take time and there is no reason to hurry up and buy stuff you are not sure Lights and Curtains...
Today I finished setting up the guest bedroom and I am very pleased. I would describe it as Scandinavian and Romantic at the same time...Time will work with me on the closet doors but I ripped them out when we started the demo. Baby steps here...

Initially I set up the furniture like this but today I decided to rearrange to create more space...

So this is how the room looks right now. Not terribly personal and rather neutral which is ok for now. I just made an appointment with a blind company that come in and measure windows. I think vertical blinds would be an excellent choice...
What do you think? Would you sleep in this bedroom?
Thanks so much for following my blog, it makes me so happy to see it grow every day and the FB "likes" make me so Giddy!
Enjoy your night


  1. Æðislega fallegt hjá þér :D
    Knús, Sjöbba

  2. Rosalega flott íbúðin og smart breytingar hjá ykkur,
    Þyrfti að fá þig sem stílista :-)
    Kv. Vilborg


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