September 5, 2013

The Secret Door

Yeahhh! The secret door is painted and all finished...
To tell you the truth I was dreading this project a little bit. First of all I had no idea where to start and how to do it. Before I started I asked a couple of people at the paint store, they both agreed that I needed to use the green frog tape and one suggested I cover the sides with paper while I painted the back dark. Hmmm...

I started taping but in the process I got lazy and decided hey, why not paint the whole thing white since the paint has a primer in it already...therefore I only need 2 coats of the blue. So I used my roller and covered the whole thing. I only did 1 coat on the back of the shelves but I needed 3 coats to cover everything else

Then the fun started! Should I tape or just wing it?
I am a big believer in nice quality paint brushes...let the brush work for you kinda thingy. I had previously bought a 3 pack of those amazing extra long handle brushes (on sale) so I grabbed the 3" one and started painting away... Dip halfway, dab, and with a sturdy hand just smooth it on without pushing....A special technique I developed right then and there :-)

Then the big question...Continue painting background Naval Blue or stop?
I sent out a message on my Facebook pages because I needed input. Overwhelmingly Friends said Yes...Keep going with the blue. To tell you the truth I could have gone either way but I am so glad I continued. I think it came out great.

Not sure what I will put in there but I had few white things that I stuck in there for contrast. It doesn't need to be white...That coral up on the top shelf I had from way back and had spray painted it foam green...Who knows what I was thinking but here it sits looking good

Enjoy your Thursday 


  1. Hohoho, I use the Purdy-brushes as well.
    Great minds think alike, right? :)

  2. Looking good...
    Kveðja Ása


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