September 4, 2013

Living Room Before And After

Today I am sharing with you the major changes in the living room in our Charlestown apartment. We decided to tear down the ceiling after we realized how uneven it was. Since we were tearing it down we wanted to add some ceiling lights because the living room is fairly dark. John our brilliant contractor came up with this amazing idea to drop the ceiling down and install track lighting...My husband jumped on it! 

The utility door was unevenly located on the was a dinky door that was hard to open. I wanted to replace it and then John showed me a pocket door he was already working on for another house and I got really excited!

It slides open ever so smoothly...I love it 

What a difference! 
I am heading in to paint the secret door today but first I just wanted to give you an update on how things are going...Stay tuned 
Feedbacks appreciated :-)
Enjoy your day


  1. Awwwwww.....I love the drop down ceiling, and the hidden closet is amazeballs! Im sure its the hidden passway to Narnia :D

  2. Þetta kemur rosalega vel út....
    Mjög sniðug lausn með hurðina!!!

    kv Ása


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