September 3, 2013

Bistro Set

Oh what to do when you order furniture and upon arrival you realize that the coloring isn't quite what you thought! That's what happened to me last week when the Bistro set was delivered. At the time when I ordered it seemed like the perfect set. It was a great deal from Boston Interiors and the only snag was it had to be special order but hey...I was in no rush since I didn't know when I would be moving in. This was also before I picked out a wall color. Enough with the excuses...I made a boo boo and I fixed it...but first I sent out an SOS to my blog friend in Iceland DOSSA
We both agreed that the yellowish hue wasn't really working with the pale blue wall color and something had to be done. I suggested I paint again the main living area with another color...something warmer...Dossa suggested it would be easier just to paint the set white. 
Hmmm....I hadn't thought of that....paint something over that I just got? Isn't that against the law?

I opted for this paint from Lowe's

And I got busy... 3 coats later

I love the outcome. Of course there isn't anything on the walls yet to balance things out.
Thanks Dossa for making my day brighter and rescuing my sanity at that moment. I owe you big time!
Enjoy your Tuesday


  1. Hehe, það eru örugglega ekki margir sem mála glæný húsgögn.....en þau koma svo sannarlega vel út! Vel heppnað hjá ykkur Dossu :-)

  2. I love it - but then again you knew that :)


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