September 12, 2013

Glass Domes

Glass Dome, Bell Cover, Glass Dome Cloche, or just many names for the same item.
They are in high demand now...I discovered the look a year ago by just looking at Pinterest and Home Interior Blogs. At first I had such a hard time finding them but now they are popping up everywhere...
This is my large Dome which I love. It is quite tall so there are so many options. Right now I have this displayed in my Dining room. Floral arrangement with roses that I dried along with some fake greenery in a pot that I painted on a circular tray

 I had some time to kill while I waited for my son to finish his soccer practice the other night so I popped into Pier One Imports and I saw these adorable miniature dome's. How cute are they...

I grabbed 4 of them. There are 2 different sizes and they retail for $6-$8. Click HERE for link
I also got Penelope The Flying Pig 

I just noticed the tree outside the window...Fall is here....
Enjoy your Thursday!

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