September 13, 2013

Iron Sphere

We have all seen those iron spheres used for decoration purposes...they look sort of rustic but classy...

Well "I Got One"

 The globe I got at TJ Maxx this summer and I finally figured out why it was on sale so cheap...
The top screw is missing

I got all screwed up when I noticed but then again...who will notice?
I also tried to Fall-ify my family room with 2 candle holders I got on the same trip to TJ Maxx...also on sale...I still can't figure out why...

they are glass but with a real bark on the outside...they look so nice and almost Christmas-Y and very rustic.
Here are they lit up

I still haven't removed my summer greenery...It's actually not feeling like Fall outside yet. Not until next month here in New England. 
I put that driftwood that I found at the Cape next to the fireplace temporarily but I kind of like it there so it's staying

Hoping you have an enjoyable weekend, I am heading up to New Hampshire with friends for a hike and some cabin time...should be nice!


  1. Eeeeeeslka kertastjakana einum of mikið :)

  2. Bloggin þín "light up my days" gaman að fylgjast með þér og öllum framkvæmdunum í nýju íbúðinni. Allt svo fallegt, vel valið og skipulagt. Dóttir mín, bróðurdóttir og mamma voru í Boston um daginn, hefði átt að segja þeim að hafa samband við þig :-/
    Kveðja til Ödda og góða skemmtun um helgina.
    Sigga (systir Þorra)

  3. Alltaf svo fínar uppstillingar hjá þér!

  4. Sigga...bara naest! hefdi verid gaman ad hitta thaer!


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