September 16, 2013

New Hampshire

This weekend was filled with fun. We attended our son's soccer game where he scored a goal, I got to spend some quality time with my daughter and then meeting Friends up in a summer house in Richmond NH.  It was my first time staying up there in the house owned by one of our friends family. The house is built Circa 1767 and is so interesting that I decided to share it with you.
Let's start outside, When we arrived Saturday afternoon the crew was already on their 3rd G&T playing Crockett...Instead of playing I walked around the property taking it all in and snapping photos....I mean how can you not?

 Let's go inside and take a look...This is the living room not terribly big which makes sense. I guess people gathered in front of the fireplace to stay warm. Every single room is closed off with doors to keep the heat in

Very intricate collections of furniture and things...Accumulation through the years of odds and ends. The family that owns the house consists of parents with 3 grown children that have their own kids and this is their gathering place. Each family has their own bedroom. How cool is it to spend the summers there as a child and then pass the tradition on to your own kids...So many memories!

I was especially taken by the whitewashed doors

Kitty door!

Next is the kitchen

I found this picture below very funny...This modern radio sticks out in the collection of old things

Organized chaos...Every little thing has it's place

Here is the Loo... when nature calls you can all go together...Mommy, Daddy and Baby LOL!

Dining Room

Here are some mix and match of photos...I didn't take pictures in all of the bedrooms, instead I snapped pictures of what intrigued me

The next day we hung out, went for a long walk, swam in the pond and enjoyed nature

I borrowed these beautiful pictures from a friend since my camera died...Interesting collection of mushrooms and fungus

That's all for now folks
Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!

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