June 18, 2013

Progress Report

A little update on the floor situation. I am meeting with the floor guy tomorrow morning to pick out the wood. I brought some samples down to Charlestown and asked my Family for an opinion
Here is what I decided...

I told you the floors were disgusting. I am a little embarrassed about the condition but hey...that's why I am getting new ones!
If there is one thing that I hate about the American culture it's the shoe thingy...Nobody bothers to take their shoes off once they enter. In my house we all take our shoes off...that's the Icelandic way and I like it!

The darker wood will go very nicely with all the white trim and pale walls. It also looks great with the stainless steel appliances 

Here are my color choices for the walls. I plan on painting everything the same color except....one accent wall in the master bedroom. The blue color from Behr is called Liberty and I like it so much better in person than on a photo

The Master bedroom is actually pretty large and oblong

Tutta La Famiglia gathered in the new city pad toasting and celebrating Father's Day!
We all walked over to the North End for a nice italian dinner after...on the way there I couldn't resist taking a picture of the Monument


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