June 16, 2013

Hardwood Floor Colors

Hey there....right now I am thinking about the hardwood floor color choices for our city pad. There are so many choices. 
At this point my thinking is something darker... sort of like this

What do you guys think?
 Is it too dark? I wonder about things like dirt and dust...
Is it hard to keep clean?

Here are the color choices from Minwax

I compared some samples to the coffee table to see what looked good

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions? As you can see the current floor in the kitchen and foyer is very beaten up and dingy looking. 

The rest of the apartment has a very light carpet which is going as soon as the floor guy can start working. As you can see it's in very bad condition. Looks like there has been a lot of spills through the years

All inputs are so very appreciated
Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

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  1. Sæl,
    Ég myndi ekki velja of dökkt - frekar einhvern millilit.. Það er allvega mín reynsla að það er erfiðara að halda því hreynu þ.e. sér meira á þessu dökka. Mér finnst þetta no 3 mjög fallegt.
    Kveðja Ása


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