June 12, 2013

Happy Birthday!

It's Deco Chick's 1st Birthday! I can't believe it's been a whole year already. 
I wanted to take the opportunity and thank all my followers for supporting me, commenting and giving me praise and feedback. It's been a wonderful year!

Here is my first post- June 14th 2012
It was about painting the fireplace in my house...
Here is a story for you...
Emerging myself into a project isn't hard for me. Sometimes I get myself into trouble. I get an idea and decide to tackle immediately. This is my newest project...still not finished...
One day I was sitting in my family room and looking at the fireplace. What would happen if I painted it white? I sent a holla out to my FB friends and few of them had painted theirs. That gave me the courage to start the never ending project while my hubby was away on a business trip! Can you imagine the look on his face when he returned. I started by scrubbing and cleaning the whole fireplace with a course brush.  After that I started painting with a basic latex flat paint with a primer in it. I probably did 2 coats. The inside of the fireplace needed some make over too so I got black heat resistant paint for that at my local Home Depot. Once the fireplace was done I decided that none of my furniture matched. Instead of going out and purchasing new stuff I decided it would be ideal to paint over what I had so everything would be matchy matchy...
Ooops...a little splash of paint on the carpet turned my attention to how worn out it was but it came with the house and really has taken a beating by kids and pets and me spilling wine on it :) so I ordered new carpet...Which is still not in (2 more weeks) and I will post more pics then. The walls got a fresh coat of paint in a slightly darker color than it was before...just to make the fireplace pop. After all this...I decided to do over the windows to tie the room together and ordered custom made shutters for the larger window and for the 3 skylights that have been bugging me ever since I moved in 12 years ago I got pleated tan shades. These are all special orders so I have to be patient for few more weeks. Not my speciality I might add. What do you think?

Since then I have blogged about anything and everything in my house. 
Big changes and small...
Things here on Blogger weren't always so clear to me and I remember many nights when I was scratching my head looking for ways to change the background image, downloading a new header or fuzzing with the colors.  I learned my way around but still haven't mastered it quite yet! I am still having fun and I hope you are too!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for following and adding me to your blog routine
Bryn a.k.a. Deco Chick

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  1. Happy b-day baby :) Stór áfangi og þú ert náttúrulega alveg algjörlega frábær, en það veistu líka!



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