April 17, 2013

"Tweeners" Bedroom Therapy

I got this little Niece in Iceland who just turned 11. 
She is the sweetest thing and I love her oh so much!
I was asked to decorate her room since she just moved with her Mom to a new apartment. I don't have any before pictures unfortunately but just imagine a lot of pink!
Needless to say she was all done with the pink and wanted something more "grown up" 
The room is narrow so it was sort of hard to work with but in the end I am pretty happy with the outcome... I managed to re-use a lot of her old things with the help of the white spray brush... In the end she told me that "SHE LOVED IT" that's the best compliment right...

She has a bed that is wider than normal (for sleepovers) A little desk, a wicker chair a dresser and a nightstand....her built in closet is BIG so we didn't have to worry about her clothes.
First thing's first...I got these lovely curtains at the clearance rack at Bed Bath And
 Beyond...$ 5.99 -No brainer...

She had this Betty Boo doll that kind of set the mood...New bedspread from IKEA and a couple of new pillowcases were enough to fancy up the bed
Adding these pictures above the bed was essential...No more posters....
(posters and frame both from Ikea)

Here are few of my Nieces Trophies. She is extremely athletic and is a great runner
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get all of her achievements up on the wall due to lack of time but she has a whole bag of them. Her mom is currently working on finding a nice display for them

The spray paint was used on this cork memory board among other things...

The butterflies are lovely...I gave her those for Christmas one year. 

She made this hanger on her own for her sunglasses

Every "Tweener" needs a space for her lotions and potions

All those little details....Make a huge difference
Here is the room again as seen from the doorway

Cute isn't it?

Everybody was happy!
Enjoy your Day


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