April 15, 2013

Castle Adventure/ Creepy Part

Heading up to the second floor is another bedroom...the stairs feel colder and the air a little heavier but once you get to the bedroom it looks so lovely

 Last but not least...the third floor
When I ventured up there by myself it was late afternoon and a gloomy day.
I probably spent some time in each of the bedrooms taking photos...playing with the lamps etc. 
So here I am heading up to the third level and looking into the bedroom

 Here is the picture of outside where the bedroom towers are located...notice the size of the windows as they get higher up...they keep getting smaller...

 Now it was time to stop playing, turn off the lights and head downstairs as I did...After all I was almost to the top which is closed off

 I turn around and look into the room for the last time and snap these off

I am sure it's just the light shining in from the windows but it was enough to make me run....

I felt very relieved when I saw this door...
Pheeew! The power of those stone walls is incredible...to hard to describe, almost like you are sucked into going up there....I am very glad I wasn't sleeping in one of those rooms.
Now I am home @22 and taking down the Easter Decorations and cleaning up a bit. It's good to be back in your own bed and having to cook for yourself once again...This was a long vacation for me...probably the longest I have taken since having the kids.
Enjoy your Monday Ladies (and Gents)

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