April 17, 2013

Min Josefin Vs. Min Una

Ever since I saw the candle lanterns from "Min Josefin" I have wanted to own a pair...after all they are adorable. The problem is that it was hard to get my hands on them...the internet is great but if they ship to US it get's costly. I called up my friend Una who is a crocheting specialist and told her to get busy and make me some lanterns...
Below is a sneak peak of Josefine's lantern line

The outcome was amazing...
I love them! Una crocheted around glass jars of baby food which is a great way to re-use and recycle. I have noticed that the glass jars are much thicker so they do not get as hot when you put a tea light in it

What do you guys think? 
Thanks to my Dear Friend Una for responding so quickly to my call...we agreed on a nice exchange of products so we are both happy!

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