April 18, 2013

Salvation Army Finds

I am sharing with you today my finds at the local Salvation Army. It's always interesting to go into those stores, sometimes there is nothing but other times you find something that catches your eye like these candle holders... (like I don't have enough candle holders....Ahem) There were 2 of them on the shelf, dirty and dingy so they got to go home with me. 
These babies were meant to get a second chance!

Some silver polish, TLC and voila...Here they are both standing side by side- One got the deluxe spa treatment while the other waited patiently for it's turn

In the end they were both sparkly and shiny so I matched them up with my 2 other silver candle holders (wedding gift) and placed them on this rustic tray because I love the contrast of old and new...A crocheted doily and some dried rose pedals and they look fabulous!

How about you? Tell me about your findings, I am always interested! 
Happy Friday

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