December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

I am sitting in the kitchen preparing for tonights dinner and reflecting on the year that is about to end. Goals were set and followed, 
few of them will continue on the new list for 2013.

This year was a BIG year for remodeling...Few accidental projects and few planned. 
The biggest impulse project was with out a doubt the painting of the fireplace

I didn't stop there but continued to paint all the furniture white. 
In the end I had a brand new family room. 
The real money I spent on the room was the new carpet and the window shutters.

The next project was entirely accidental. I all started with a new stainless steel refrigerator. 
In the end we had a almost brand new kitchen...
New Appliances, Tile backsplash, A coat of paint, New Lights and what I love the most is the crown molding we added to the cabinets. 

Next was the kitchen table...I woke one day and decided to make it look Shabby Chic...What?
 That never happens to you guys?
Let's start with a before picture of the table and the chairs

Bunch of little DIY projects in late Summer/Early Fall to use the good weather outside in New England...I enjoyed all the mornings and afternoons painting on the patio, with my Kitty next to me...


This tired old garden bench was painted chalky white

And the Hutch...Memorable times...took about 3 days....Endless...

And more of inside house projects....We gutted the boys bathroom ( Much Needed)
Here is it before

And After....

 Our bedroom suite got a huge makeover...Bedroom, Closets and Suite got hard wood floor, new paint, crown molding and finally finally I got California Closets installed....

Our Chrismas Present for this year was new bedroom furniture

So this was my year in interior news...
I am very happy and I feel like it was a wonderful year.
I started blogging in the midst of the Fireplace Project. 
I sat and did endless research on how to paint stone fireplaces and if to do it...I came across so many blogs that inspired me... I already had a favorite Icelandic blog from a while ago (found it on Facebook) and I had been reading that house blog for a while to much of my enjoyment. 
That was no other than Stina Saem
She has a really cute blog and you don't have to speak any Icelandic what's so ever to understand what a great lady she is. Her pictures tell it all.
In July I noticed that she was holding a Summer Blog Party...not knowing anything about internet blog parties I entered. That was probably my way into the Icelandic blogworld. 
I got to know other amazingly talented bloggers who share the same kind of passion and sometimes crazy-ness (Links on the right side of the blog) 
I feel so very blessed and thankful for these fabulous ladies who encourage, praise and cheer each other on with genuine kindness and Love.
Thank you so much ladies (You know who you are) for a great blog year. May the New Year lead to even more exciting posts and perhaps brand new friendships and just maybe....
A Meet up in the New Year!???
All My Best


  1. Gleðilegt nýtt ár, Hef kíkt hér við nokkrum sinnum og hlakka mikið til að fylgjast með blogginu þínu á árinu 2013.
    Kveðja Ása

  2. Takk sömuleiðis Brynja mín, þú ert nú búin að vera alveg svakalega dugleg að blogga svo ekki sé minnst á öll frábæru "meik-óverin", hvert öðru flottara! Hlakka til að fylgjast með á nýju ári!

  3. Vááá hvað þú ert búin að vera dugleg á árinu sem er að líða, ekkert smá flott breytingin á stofunni.....sérstaklega arininn :-) Til lukku með þetta allt saman. Hlakka til að sjá hvað þú tekur þér fyrir hendur á nýju ári !

    Kristín Vald


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