January 4, 2013

Empty Spaces

Holidays are over...Decorations must come down. Everything looks so empty and bare!
Nothing bad about being minimalistic right? Actually I kinda of like taking everything down, cleaning and putting the old stuff back and some...
I decided I wanted to keep the reindeers on display at least until February...they are just so darn cute.
Here is the mantle after packing it all away and huffing and puffin....

The theme is Ice and snow clean and crisp...mixed with a lil shabby to warm it up

I absolutely love the cones around the candles...the lighting is really cool (Target)
Then I came across this wooden thingy at Home Goods... I am not sure what this is called...it's not driftwood for sure but I saw something similar at Pier One the other day.

It adds a warmth to the room...
Did you Un-Decorate yet? 
Have a super Friday


  1. Það er á dagskránni hjá mér um helgina...viðurkenni það að mig hlakkar ekki til þess en eins og þú þá finnst mér voða gott þegar þetta allt er komið ofan í kassa og allt hreint og fínt :-)

    góða helgi !
    kv. Erla

  2. Gleðilegt ár Brynja mín og takk fyrir skemmtilegt bloggár
    Kveðja Adda


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