December 22, 2012

Gift wrapping

         This year I am into the brown paper...The homemade look, ribbon or twine really doesn't matter but adding a little something as a decoration like that simple twig makes it fun

Here is a great idea of using your children's art work as a wrapping paper
I like this one...

   And the labels...there are so many ideas out there if you have the time and love DIY
all you need is card stock and a stamp really....

A pretty picture and a printer works fine too!

Ready To Wrap?
I am


  1. What wonderful wrapping ideas! Thank you for sharing.

    May the beauty, peace and joy of the season be yours all year long!

  2. Einlitur pappír er uppáhaldið mitt! Hafðu það gott yfir hátíðarnar :-)


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