December 21, 2012

Sentimental Tree

My kids have brought home all kinds of Christmas Ornaments that they made in school. Some really cool and some that never quite make it to the tree but are packed safely away in boxes marked by their names. Here are the nominees....I'm sorry I get carried away :-) 
What I meant was some of my favorites

Brilliant Idea...
This one was made by my daughter in Girl Scouts....lid of a can, hammer and nail...simple and fun wonder I get sentimental when I trim the tree...

My youngest made this one...A dog treat and a pipe cleaner...
He's always been a bit of a clown so pay no attention to where he placed the nose....

Not sure what the witch is doing there....but somehow made it on the tree!

Who can resist this cute little face....His first year playing soccer...
Now I am seriously getting all mushy

I remember when my middle son made this in Nursery School. When the teacher opened the door to let the kids out, everyone ran to their parents and showed them what they had made....The girls decorated with bright colors and flowers but the boys were into the darkest of colors...kind of funny...they were only 4 years old!

Hope you enjoyed the memory ride with me...and that concludes the show of my Christmas Tree

All we need is gifts under the tree now!

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