December 25, 2012

Cool Presents 2012

I have to share with you 2 cool gifts that I got from Santa this year.
All my presents were AWESOME by the way,  but these were a little bit different. 
For the candle lover...year of wishes scented candle for each month 

year of wishes candles

picnic backpack

Isn't this neat? I absolutely love it. Imagine going for a bike ride with your love with the picnic basket resting comfortably on your back...cooler for the wine...utilities and a blanket....Nice!
It's all in there...even the wine opener and the salt and pepper shakers...
What did Santa bring you?
*Holiday Hugs*


  1. Vá ekkert smá sniðugar gjafir! Njóttu vel og gleðileg jól :)

  2. Skemmtilegar og fallegar gjafir! Gleðilega hátíð!


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