December 27, 2012

Post Holiday Blues....NOT

I love those post Holiday sales...everything is 50-70% Off! 
That's when I usually gather stuff for next year. I was in desperate need of a Christmas Tree Top but didn't manage to find anything I wanted to spend the money on before the Holidays but love and behold I just found one! Half Off....Score...
Compliments of pier1 Imports

Gold Star Tree Topper

Originally $14.96
Now $7.38
High Heel Ornament

Aren't these lovely? I got bunch to decorate the presents for next year for about $2 bucks each...
I got other things too....little knick knacks that I will use for wrapping in 2013

Black Glitter Boot OrnamentHeeled Zebra Boot Ornaments


Aaaaand more shoes....we can never have enough shoes right?
Happy Holiday Sales Everybody

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