November 5, 2012

Hardwood Floors

Ever since we moved into our house 12 years ago we have dreamed of having hardwood floors in the bedroom. Hubby suffers from all kinds of allergies and both of us usually wake up all stuffed up even though we have humidifiers. So today is the long awaited day...we are doing it! Well not US but my guys from United Homeworks.
This weekend a little madness had to occur so we could accomplish emptying out our bedroom and 2 walk in closets. The bedroom extends out to a whole new room which is kind of cool, I think it's meant for nursery, or exercising. We use it as a lounge where we work out. Of course we had to get that room done as well.
The office downstairs got to go along on this trip. Makes only sense to have that done too to get a good flow.
I was so exhausted last night...feet up and a glass of wine! Before that occurred I snapped a few photos

 This is the upper hallway. I have a really cool idea for that staircase- it desperately needs a makeover!

 Pinkish walls.....Gotta go!

I can't wait to post more photos...They promised me it would be all done before Thanksgiving...
Crossing my fingers
All the best

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