November 3, 2012

Candle Pillar Pins

I was weeding through this catalog here and came across these Candle Pins for $12

 You can see them here- 2 kinds an Angel and a Tree
I thought to myself that is brilliant...
I have so many halfway down burned down candles laying around because I don't want to toss them just in case...How about just decorating the stubs.... So off I went to the craft store looking for some pins or pendants

Couple of these are pins and the owl is a pendant

 Here is what I found at the sales rack $1.99 each

 Glue- But you can use any crazy glue you have

And some Jewelry Pins

I stopped by the Christmas Tree Shop for a great bargain on new pillar candles

I added some ribbon I had for more elegant effect

 This is an old pendant I already had so I stuck it on this candle and I love how southwestern it looks...

 These eight I did within a 1/2 hour...So simple and easy

This would be a nice host gift if you were going to a dinner party! (for the fraction of the original price)
Not bad at all....The possibilities are endless....
Hope you learned something new and thanks for stopping by


  1. Þetta er æðislegt!! - þarf að fara að leita af þessu hér :)

  2. svo einfalt en gerir svo mikið - snilldin ein!

  3. Jafnvel haegt ad nota teiknibolur...ekki floknara en thad!


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