November 1, 2012

Reindeer Joy

The monthly Pier One brochure arrived today in the mail filled with festive stuff!
All that glitzy, shiny, sparkly stuff....Ahhh I love it!
Metal Lanterns, Owl's, Reindeer's, Angels and of course Candles. 
"Let It Glow Let It Glow Let It Glow"

Yesterday I however did my first Christmas shopping for the season - 2 down....100 to go! :-)
as I was cruising down the aisles at Target as I came across these adorable reindeer's plus a little votive candle holder that matches....I got all verklempt and had to have it....So I brought it home. The reindeer's are only $9.99 each and the votive was around $4- Not bad at all!

 These guys I found in the discount bin for $2.50 I got 3...Always "3"

 So far we got the reindeer's, candles, and the owl...Great start to the season
All The Best

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