November 6, 2012

Clock Makeover

 I found this clock at The Christmas Tree Shops for $5.99. I always wanted to make my own clock...Everything from picking the piece of wood and drilling the hole in it but buying the actual clock that goes on the back and and the hands that you buy separately aren't cheap- at least not the ones I would be interested in. So when I laid my eyes on this baby I got an idea...

 Hands came off and I painted it with some paint that I had.

 My plan was to print out numbers and decoupage them on or even print them on stickers and cut them out but somehow I just kept on messing it up...I got frustrated and decided to run to Michaels's for some number stickers...I found Nothing! The only stickers they had were tiny. I finally found these stamps that caught my attention for 10 bucks. I really love the clear stamps, it is so much easier to work with them than the wood ones

 Black Ink and Voila

 I already had some stamps that had that french theme I was aiming for so I kept on adding to the face of the clock....

 I took some brown paint and stamped it on for effect with some burlap and finished it off with a little sanding and a coat of clear spray

 The sides I painted black

 What do you think? Do you love it?
I much that I stuck it on my dining room wall immediately and there it sits ticking away....
Have a GREAT day and I hope you take time out of your busy schedule to go and vote if you haven't already done so!


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