July 26, 2012


My 18 year old son is going to college in the fall. Not my first time doing this and not my last (hopefully) He got accepted to Northeastern University in Boston and plans to study Health Sciences. He will be living on campus with a full meal plan. 
Winding back to three years ago when my daughter got accepted to Simmons College in Boston. I was a nervous wreck for her to leave and stay alone in the city but somehow she always put me at ease. She inherited my amazing organizing skills and her fathers social outgoing-ness so from day one she was great. Her first roomate was a sweet girl from NY that suffered from such a bad homesickness that she left after one semester. I am fortunate in the sense that I live only 40 minutes away so it's easy to come and see the kids for an afternoon, go to lunch or shopping and generally take the pulse.
Both my kids will be living in Boston this year since the daughter is still in school studying to be a Nurse Practioner. She originally lived on campus for 2 years but she rents an apartment now with 2 others. The kids will be within few T-stops away from each other if need each others company.
So I should be much calmer this time around right? Not so much. He is a boy, not a talker, not really into feeding you information unless he needs money or wants to know what's for dinner.
Bottom line....I am a nervous wreck! 
This Saturday we are going dorm shopping (and lunch) -that should be fun!
Here is the list:

I am not sure how the dorm room looks like but it I know it is a triple with a public bathroom and laundry on each floor. Here is a couple of pictures of a typical dorm room

The room normally comes with a bed, desk, chair, dresser and roller shade for the windows.
You have a choice of renting or buying a fridge and a microwave. 

Here is a very clean dorm room and below are a couple very messy ones:

Yeahhh about that...
Can you imagine the smell? Of course my son's room will be the sparkly clean one...
Finally a picture of my daughter and her second roomie Liz. I miss those skype moments girls :-(

I am ignoring the fact that there are bud light cans on the desk.
I will keep you posted on the dorm project

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