July 25, 2012


My favorite candleholder got a makeover yesterday 

This candleholder is back from the days when I was a consultant for Southern Living At Home.
Yeahh I accumulated a lot of "Sccchhhtufff"... This little thing has always been my favorite and constantly used with items from each season or Holiday on display. I love it so much that I gave one to my sister and ordered her to use it for same reasons. I have used it with rocks, sand, shells, coffee beans...you name it yes I have!

I got to work quickly using flat white paint from Lowe's -2-3 coats or so, sandpapered and "Voila" the rest is history

 It got filled with rosebuds that I had previously dried and a white candle. Very simple but has this romantic look to it

Yup...this is the spot. Right next to the Mermaid from Cape Cod. 

Don't think I am crazy ( I probably am a little manic ) ...so I got bored  in-between coats and ran inside and found this little lady in my basement just sitting there :-(
She got a makeover too!

She got treated to a nice mask 

Doesn't she look cute in my kitchen? 


  1. vel heppnað, mér finnst kertastjakaskálin æði!

  2. Takk BulluKolla! Gaman ad fylgjast med ther...


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