July 23, 2012

Mojito Mama

 My herbs are doing exceptionally well and the Mint is growing out of control so naturally I make Mojito. Yesterday was such a  lovely afternoon, the temperature was perfect and not too humid for a change. Hubby was sent to the store for light RUM and LIME and I started cutting off those mint leaves. Next step was to find the right recipe. There are million versions out there and everyone claims to have the "Best" one. This is what looked good to me

I liked it since the recipe was meant for a pitcher instead of the glass...Who want's just one Mojito?

 Mmmmm....Amazingly refreshing... It is a simple recipe and took no time to make. The pitcher was half done before we knew it! I believe the presentation matters a whole bunch as well. As I was sitting there (indulging) listening to the birds and the bees...yes the bees were buzzing so I looked to the right of me at that Lavender Bush of mine and couldn't resist snapping photos of those bees that were so hard at work. 

Happy Monday All!

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