July 3, 2015

A Crochet Post

When I started crocheting about a year ago learning step by step from youtube videos I never dreamed that I would be making things to give out as presents. 
Finally I am confident enough to do that! Here is my latest finished project... A baby blanket for a friend that is expecting
HERE  is a link to tutorial for this easy blanket from Melanie Hamm

I used this yarn from Martha Stewart. It's a wool mix that is really lightweight

I decided to weed through my leftover yarn and put to good use, so I started this blanket....perfect for a toddler or a young person. I used Wanna Whites selection for Lion Brand

Since 3 is a good number and I get easily bored I decided to do another one that I keep in my purse so I can grab it and work on it at soccer practices and appointments... This one is a very lightweight baby blanket perfect size for the car seat. I used a yarn from Bernat. The color is called Princess

So that's all I got for you. It's been pretty hectic lately and I haven't had a chance to blog as much. I hope everyone has a Happy and Healthy Fourth of July weekend! 


  1. Vá hvað þetta er fallegt hjá þér :) Mig dreymir um að geta heklað en hef ekki lagt í að læra það ennþá...gleymi a.m.k. mjög fljótt því sem ég hef lært ;) Er reyndar að verða ömmusystir í haust þannig að maður ætti kannski bara að láta vaða :)

    Kv. Margrét Helga (sem kíkir oft á bloggið þitt í gegnum skreytum hús síðuna en kvittar sjaldan ;) )

  2. En hvað þetta er fallegt, vildi að ég kynni að hekla svona flott teppi :)


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