June 16, 2015


I am kinda tired of my traditional Dining room. The table top already damaged from me spilling essential oils onto it and not noticing for few days. It ate away the finish so I have to keep it covered. The chairs are big and clunky. I really love the buffet but the china cabinet is just taking space at this point. 

Here is a wish list....stuff I dream of. We all have a wish list right? How about this shelve. I can just picture all my white plate kinda carelessly stocked there
This shelve is from Overstock

Boston Interiors sells these shelves as well in various sizes

And a table

Something of that sorts. Rustic farm table. I love the legs

 A little buffet....
Or this one

I love mismatching chairs...Even a bench on one side...Kinda like Dear Lillie 

Something rustic, not quite matching but all in harmony

A nice rustic chandelier

Yeah just like this one
Oh isn't it fun to dream
Happy Tuesday

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  1. Geggjuð þrefalda hillan!! Fíla líka apótekara skenkinn með hillunni fyrir ofan til tunglsins og til baka. Skil þig sko vel að langa... það kostar jú ekkert að langa. kv. Þórlaug


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